HBO Electronic Presskit 5

Oh! This entry is more than 2 years old.

I've decided to let some of my old work stay on this site as a reference point to my progress!

HBO Electronic Presskit

25 mai, 2018 – Webdesign

Electronic Presskit

Through my current workplace (Per Høj), I got the assignment to create an electronic Presskit for HBO Nordic. This is a website where they want to post information about upcoming shows for the press to use.


I decided to make a header that composed of 6 shows, that HBO can choose themselves. This way the starting screen will always be different when new shows comes out.

Hbo Electronic Presskit 3

Multiple languages

The website was requested to be used by other HBO brances as well as the Nordic one. Therefore I sat up a wordpress back-end with the option to add as many languages as is needed. The english shows are available for all languages but they could also add their own shows.

Multiple layouts

The site offers two layouts. One fullscreen layout for dramatic effect and one split/two-sided-layout for the shows with portrait images and/or more text.

You can view the page here: