Oh! This entry is more than 2 years old.

I've decided to let some of my old work stay on this site as a reference point to my progress!

Design by Cecce

19 juli, 2017 – Webdesign


As a teen I used to make blogdesign for fun. This was how I started learning codes and making designs. After finishing my studies, I thought it would be fun to automate this hobby. Instead of making one design per. person and installing it. I made a website where anyone could order it like any other product.

Quick and Easy

I made the designs easier for the customer to use by putting the stylesheet and scripts on AWS, this way I could do updates for the designs without the bloggers having to re-install the design on their blog.

Design by Cecce 2
Design by Cecce


Putting the files on AWS also allowed me to create a subscription service so that the customer now could use any of my designs for a monthly fee. When they stopped the subscription the design would stop working, using a combination of woo subscriptions and the bucket policy for AWS.

This was a great learning experience and the solution worked out great for my customers.

Unfortunately the website is no longer in use, as the platform the designs were made for is now gone. You can still check out the website: http://design.cecce.no