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I've decided to let some of my old work stay on this site as a reference point to my progress!


29 november, 2021 – Webdesign

Making my home smarter.

I have taken a real interest in smarthome technology the past years, it's very exciting to see my programming reach real life things. I recently moved to a new house and needed a new hub. So I've setup a home assistant hub at home and created this new dashboard in react. And yes, these buttons actually work! It's still a work in progress and the buttons will be more relevant in the future, this dashboard is still just a test, and I'll have different dashboards for different screens at a later point.

Mixing Home Assistant with API's

In addition to showing statuses of items at home, I have also added useful api's like the local weather and Ruters api. This makes having a screen in the entry of my home very useful, as I can see when the next subway leaves or if I need to bring an umbrella.