TasteBuddy 24 august, 2013

The Assignment

A school assignment, focusing on user testing to come up with the best fitting design interface for your chosen app. During this process I had to use techniques like paper prototyping & mockup guiding and use tools such as silverback.

The Application

Tastebuddy is a food app, helping you find restaurants near you based on what you’re looking for. You can find restaurants that are either near you, popular or famous for their cultural food.

The Design

The design is very simple, meant to be able to change colors. Main idea was that it would change color based on the citys profile picture.The icons are simple but understandable and the overall design is very clean.

The Features

The app is mainly for finding restaurants, so you can find them by placement, ratings or how cultural they are. You can get directions, booking/phone number and the menu. The app also has a page with some cultural information useful for traveling


I mainly worked in Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe illustrator CC. Made wireframes with axure and user testing with silverback


There is no real client here, but if it were. I’d link it here.www.theclientisalie.com