Sweet’n’Flour 28 mai, 2014

The Assignment

This was my final exam, I chose the assignment with main focus on programming. The assignment was as follows: Design an imaginary website with it’s main focus on presenting information. Your source of information is up to you. The result should be a responsive website that will work on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Project deadline: 2 weeks www.sweetnflour.cecce.no

Concept & Design

Instead of focusing on how many recipies the site has, which results in messy recipie indexes and ugly sites. I decied to put my focus on what the user wants. And from that information only display what they need to bake before christmas, a birthday or as a snack. I wanted the design to be simple and focus on the photos of all the delicious food. The site is not just for information but for inspiration.


The design is fully converted to percentage and em, the size will smoothly adjust with the window size. It is also adjusted different platforms such as, iphones and ipads. When used on a tablet or smartphone the menu will change to a more userfriendly option.


Alot of attention was on the small details, the site has a lot of small hover effects and smooth transitions/scrolling. It has given the whole site a more smooth, fun and modern look. A good example is the recipie list which you can cross out on the page as you go.


To make wireframes I used axure, made the design sketches in Adobe photoshop, icons in Adobe illustrator. The whole site is programmed from skratch by me. I used sublime and codekit and wrote Sass, Jquery & Html5.


There is no real client here, but the site is up on a subdomain. Feel free to take a look at it