Reboot Me 13 september, 2014

The Idea

My idea was to make an app that could help people with Juicing. Juicing is when you take vegetables,fruit or berries and press the juice out of them with a juicer. There is a lot of benefits to drinking the juice rather than eating the whole thing. Many people like to go on juice-fasts to cleans their body, but there is a lot of preparation for this.This app will give all the information needed to go on a juice fast.

The Application

Reboot me, is an app for people who want to go on a juicing fast. The user will be able to chose how long him/her wants to juice, 3 days, 7 days or 14 days. Then the app will make a schedule for the user to follow. The app will tell the user: How many juices they should have + recipes. How many and what symptoms/side-effects that may occur depending on what day they are on. And keep track of their weight.

The Recepie Schedule

The app will tell you how many juices you have to take as well as give you recipes for each one. This is for making sure the person fasting gets all the vitamins and minerals they need for that day. The app will notify when it’s time for a new juice and when the user checks off their juice, the app will continue a countdown for the next juice.


The Symptoms

The symptoms feature will tell the user what symptoms may occur for each day, and also provide tips on how to deal with it. The symptoms are sorted with colors, green is normal symptoms and orange is telling you to stop or continue under supervision of a doctor.