Cadell design 25 november, 2015

The Project

The client came to me, asking for a e-commerce website that was multi-lingual, responsive and simple in design. Since this is a webshop, the site also needs a handy back end system that is easy for inexperienced users to handle.

Concept & Design

It was really important for the client to have a very clean, simple website. So my focus was minimal shapes, alot of whitespace and letting the images be the focus points of the site.


The whole shop is responsive, it should be easy for a customer to order products even if they use a tablet or smartphone.


The site was required to be multi-lingual, which was a challenge to implement with the e-commerce part. I found a smooth solution and the site has now both English and Norwegian as options for the customers.

The work

After being designed in axure and photoshop CC, this site was programmed and setup with wordpress. Using html, php, css and javascript to make my own design template.


To see the site in live visit:
Not published yet, coming soon.
*Photos used are only for illustrative purposes and will be replaced in the real design